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Australian dream...

Written by Thomas Andrews.



"I remember the very first time I heard about golden dorado. It was in 1987, when – at age 8 – I read an article about them in an Australian fishing magazine. At that time I think very few Australian anglers knew anything about them. The article described the writer’s journey to northern Argentina and his battles with this beautiful golden fish which took lures savagely and leaped spectacularly when hooked. At that moment I was ‘hooked’ myself, and I resolved that one day I would also journey to Argentina try to catch one.


Me gano en buena ley

Written by Claudio Ametller.

dorado con moscaLa mañana del sábado me dejó el sabor amargo de uno de los grandes que después de una corrida infernal que sacó mucho baking, allá a los 80 metros maso, pegó un salto que me permitió verlo entero fuera del agua por última vez, me ganó en buena ley...

The Dorado of my life

Written by Pablo Chapero.

The gift of nature

Last castlast rock… “How difficult is to stop fishing” were the words I exchanged with my friend Vicente Botta, guide and owner of Golden Fly Fishing enterprise, after an excellent fishing day; but it is not enough, It is never enough…

biggest dorado on fly, record dorado with fly, the biggest golden dorado

Crossing silver

Written by Vicente Botta.

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Not many places in the world can make fishing so very entertaining and fun as the Pira Pytá. It is no less sophisticated, delicate and exciting. We know that these specimens may reach 5 or 6 kg of pure power and energy getting to be a real prize for any fisherman.