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Golden Fly receives its guests in an environment of absolute privacy and warmth. The lodge is a colonial - rural style house, placed at only 50 meters from the river with an excellent view, surrounded by a park with great variety of adult and regional trees where families of Carayá monkeys like to frequent in the mornings. A range of more than 20 species of birds give music and paint with colors the quiet late afternoons.


It is located in the river town of Paso de la Patria – Corrientes, Address: Ave. Diaz Colodrero, between Ave. Virgen de Itati and Ave. Prefectura Naval Argentina.


Golden Lodge has a capacity for 10 people. Rooms are fully equipped, with air conditioning, roof ventilator and box spring beds of high quality, private bathrooms (in suite) with hot water.

The kitchen and dining room are totally equipped with refrigerator, microwave and electrical coffee pot. There is a fireplace and a bar in the living room where our guests are able to enjoy listening to music, reading some book or magazine, and of course having different drinks, chatting with friends and the guides about the great fishing journey they have had.

A generous gallery sorrounds the house, provided with a special place for Argentinean barbecues.