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Paso de la Patria, A place with history and charm

Stands out by its long and beautiful beaches, by the immense Paraná River and its rich ichthyofauna (more than 220 species ). Paso de la Patria was a necessary passageway for the royal militia during the War of the Triple Alliance. It is situated in ortheastern Argentina, near the emblematic Argentine Iguazú Falls. This picturesque town with sandy streets, hidden among the lush vegetation, is considered the cradle of the Dorados, and it is where it takes place once a year, The National catch and release Fishing Tournament for Dorados.

Río Paraná, A waterworld to be discovered

Just east of Corrientes Argentina, above the confluence of the Paraguay River is the Upper Paraná River. Here the Paraná is tail water and its clear waters have yet to be tainted by the silt filled Paraguay River. This section of river is some of the finest Dorado fishing in the world. Its extreme dimensions make us feel it is unapproachable, making it only fishable by skiffs with casting platforms. You will typically drift through clear water near the banks casting to logs, rock and vegetation at a distance of 50 to 80 feet.

Nature, diversity of wildlife

Each fishing day invites us to the enchantment of peace and the deafening sound of the river in its course, interrupted only by birdsong, the howling of some monkeys, the occasional alligator sunning on the banks, and salmon leaps, which increases our tension showing the underwater activity, extolling the fly fishing adventure to the best of its golden splendor.

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